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Documentation of cricket tournaments always remains important. Different clubs, associations, organizations and even individuals struggled for it. Unfortunately, very little work has been done in Pakistan. Mr. Nauman Baddar was the 1st person in Pakistan who worked on it.

Now, in the modern era, web sites are playing this very important task of record-keeping. There are number of cricket web sites, that are not only have accurate record of cricket tournaments but also covers event live (ball by ball and also with text commentary) with pictures and clips of the events.

In Pakistan this important task was first time taken up by (now And now a day there are number of cricket web sites that covers Pakistan's domestic cricket e.g., (official web site of Pakistan Cricket Board) and (Pakistan Cricket "our cricket"). But most of these sites cover only Pakistan's First Class and List-A tournaments. Few sites covers domestic cricket of Pakistan conducted by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

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We are here; with the mission to cover those tournaments which are not being covered by these sites or any other web-site and played under the umbrella of any approved cricketing body (Pakistan Cricket Board, Pakistan Vattern Cricket Association, LCCA, KCCA, Deaf Cricket Association, etc.).


    Aftab Qarshi Vs Amar Cables Stags Ground
    Aftab Qarshi Vs Chaudhary Sports Stags Ground